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Welcome to Dr. Evelyn J. Taylor Ministries

Thank you for stopping by to visit this website. I pray that your life will be dramatically impacted.  Dr. Evelyn J. Taylor Ministries is about encouraging women to move outside of their comfort zone and into what God has called them to do.  Please share with your friends and family by telling them about the this website and this ministry.  You have been created for so much more, live life on purpose. 

A Womans Call:
Living a life of Purpose

"Do you believe you were created for more? God has called each of us to promote and fulfill His purpose in the earth. Believers can only achieve true joy when they are walking in the plan of God for their lives. A Woman's Call gives step-by-step instructions on how to fulfill God's call for your life. Gain scriptural direction for walking in the call of God for your life and equip yourself with the necessary tools to fulfill God's divine plan. Women sometimes feel that if they have not been called to pulpit ministry that they have no place in ministry. It is important that we understand that whatever we are doing, if it brings glory to God, it is necessary in the kingdom. It's not about what we do within the walls of the sanctuary but it is more about what we do outside the sanctuary. God has called each of us, and we have to know that each calling is significant."


Identity Crisis
Discovering Your True Identity in Christ

Author, Evelyn Johnson Taylor, offers valuable life lessons in examining one's true self and rising above our circumstances in order to live a meaningful and victorious life. Nothing will stand in your way after digesting the message. This new book is sure to offer an expectation of hope and spiritual fulfillment! 

Althia Ellis, South Florida

"I believe this book will not only empower you but change the way you think"

Anastasia Freeman M. ED.
Atlanta, Georgia

"After reading Evelyn Johnson-Taylor's previous book Seven Blessing Blocker, I realized what was hindering me from being all God wanted me to be. I am sure this book will inspire anyone who desires God’s best for their lives."

First Lady Dianne Simmons
Frederick, Maryland

"I found the message of Seven Blessing Blockers to be very encouraging and inspirational. I look forward to reading this book and the message it will bring to the readers."

Albert Stevens
Wesley Chapel, FL

"Identity Crisis helps you to understand your true purpose.  I felt even closer to God after reading this book, excellent enhancement for Bible Study."

 Frances  Bond                                                                                                        The Triumphant Church, Hyattsville, Md.

Seven Blessing Blockers
and How to Overcome Them

God has many promises for us in His Word. It is our disobedience that stand between us and the promise. I reveal 7 key things I believe prevent us from receiving the promises of God. God is only limited by our disobedience. He cannot go against His Word. Matthew 6:33 tells us:

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

For God to give us all these things without us seeking His Kingdom first, would be contrary to His Word. I want to help you receive every promise that God has made to you in His Word. We cannot plead promises and violate principles. If we are to reap the promises from God's Word, we must be obedient to God's Word.

What People Are Saying About the Book

"I started reading the book and the Word of God jumped out to confirm his promises to me this book has placed  me back on God's abundance plan for my life."

Deaconess Rhonda Sudler
Marietta, Ga

"I started reading your book today, and I am convinced that it will be a blessing to many women--the old and the young, whether a new believer or a mature believer.  The style of writing is relaxed and personal which makes the book inviting and easy to read.  The 7 blockers are struggles that we all experience in one way or another and the study questions are challenging and thought provoking, making it a relevant study for today's world.  I look forward to doing this study with our Women's Ministry group in January 2008.  I know we will be blessed. "

Vashti Jones, Women's Ministry Director,
Mount Olive Baptist Church, Wicomico Church, Virginia

"Well , I just want to say to Mrs. Taylor  that I started reading her book and  that from what I have read so far I can tell she is so anointed and I just read the beginning so I wrote down her website so I can get to know her.  I want to become one of those Women of Promise!"

T. L.

"Awesome book, I was inspired to write a song after reading this book!"

Denise Dockery
Recording Artist

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